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NIKO is a no-code automated machine learning platform designed to make AI accessible for business decision-making. Accelerate your business growth through data-driven decision-making with NIKO’s end to end features.

NIKO prioritizes data privacy and security, adhering to GDPR regulations and ISO:27001 standards. Our commitment to continuous improvement ensures the highest level of protection for your data. Check out our comprehensive privacy policy for details.

NIKO is developed by a team of experienced data scientists and ML engineers at AND Global, specializing in various facets of data science and machine learning.

Discover the diverse applications of NIKO in different industries, from credit scoring and fraud detection to customer churn prediction and marketing campaign optimization. Explore our use cases for real-world examples.

NIKO is designed to streamline the workload for data scientists and is accessible to all, regardless of your background in no-code or machine learning. If you possess a historical dataset and aim to automate decision-making processes, NIKO is the ideal platform for you.

NIKO currently supports supervised tabular historical datasets in CSV format. If you use a different data source and want to suggest compatibility, please click here and reach out to us. 

Start your free trial, download a sample dataset and follow our use-case-based and user-friendly guided tour. At the end of the tour, discover a valuable guide to aid in better data preparation.

Choose a subscription plan from our landing page or within NIKO. We’ll reach out to you to proceed with the payment. Take advantage of our flexible, cancel-any-time subscription plans tailored to meet diverse business needs.

Before reaching out to support, check our user manual for quick answers to common queries. For further assistance, contact us at