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Use cases

Lending | Insurance | Marketing

Credit scoring


For lending institutions managing credit risk is crucial. AI offers a revolutionary solution, allowing institutions to create robust credit risk models, even for thin-file customers, using non-traditional data.


NIKO AutoML addresses this challenge by leveraging non-traditional data for:

Smarter Credit Approval: NIKO empowers lenders to make informed decisions for thin-file customers, reducing risky loans.

Risk-Based Pricing: NIKO’s accurate models enable lenders to implement risk-based pricing strategies. This means that interest rates and loan terms can be tailored to match the risk profile of individual borrowers, optimizing profitability.

NIKO is an innovative solution, helping lending institutions expand their customer base without compromising risk management. Embracing AutoML allows institutions to enter untapped markets, make informed credit decisions, and build resilient portfolios. It’s time to shape the future of lending with technology.

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Debt collection


Efficient debt collection is a significant challenge in finance. Traditionally relying on historical data and manual processes, these strategies often result in low success rates and high resource consumption. AI, specifically AutoML, provides a solution to optimize debt collection efforts.


Personalized Strategies: Based on the individual debtor characteristics, NIKO customizes an action plan for your debt collection team.

Real-time Decision-Making: NIKO offers real-time insights, allowing organizations to adapt strategies on all debtors instantly, or instant strategy calculation through integration with any of your tools.

Reduced Manual Work: Automation of the decision-making process reduces reliance on manual labor by identifying the reliable individuals who will pay, regardless of lateness.

The future of debt collection is digital, and AutoML, exemplified by NIKO, is leading the way. Incorporating NIKO into your debt collection strategy is no longer optional; it’s a necessity for competitiveness in today’s financial landscape.

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Insurance claim prediction


In the dynamic insurance landscape, the need for personalized risk pricing and accurate claims prediction is at an all-time high.


AI, particularly NIKO, addresses challenges in traditional underwriting:

Predictive Analytics: NIKO uses advanced algorithms to analyze historical claims data, creating predictive models for assessing the likelihood of future claims for individual policy holders.

Fast Underwriting: NIKO accelerates underwriting by automating data analysis and decision-making, ensuring faster policy issuance.

Adverse Selection Prevention: Accurate claim risk assessment by NIKO helps prevent adverse selection, ensuring appropriate pricing for higher-risk customers.

Data-Driven Pricing: NIKO’s accurate models enable insurers to make data-driven pricing decisions, enhancing overall portfolio profitability.

NIKO stands as an innovative solution for insurers aiming to improve risk assessment and pricing strategies. In a world where personalized risk pricing is a necessity, integrating NIKO into insurance operations is the accelerator to success. It’s time for insurers to embrace this technology for long-term profitability and customer satisfaction.

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Marketing campaign and churn prediction


In the dynamic marketing landscape, identifying untapped selling opportunities and addressing churn risk is crucial for success.


AI, particularly NIKO, revolutionizes marketing with its data-driven capabilities:

Predictive Analytics: NIKO analyzes historical customer data to create predictive models, forecasting products or services of interest for targeted marketing campaigns.

Personalization: NIKO empowers you to build predictive models for lead scoring, identifying high-potential leads. This ensures that your sales team focuses their efforts on leads most likely to convert.

Retention Strategies: You can use NIKO to predict customer churn by analyzing patterns and behaviors. Addressing potential churn risks in advance allows for targeted retention strategies.

NIKO is at the forefront of this marketing revolution, offering an efficient way to identify sales opportunities and mitigate churn risks. In an era where customer retention is as crucial as acquisition, integrating NIKO into your marketing strategy is the key to sustained growth and profitability.

Say goodbye to missed opportunities and customer attrition. NIKO redefines marketing success.

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