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What is NIKO AutoML for?

AND Solutions  launched NIKO AutoML Platform on April 19th 2023, a revolutionary machine learning solution designed to simplify and accelerate the process of building predictive models. AutoML simply  provides a wrapper function that performs a large number of modeling related tasks that would typically require many lines of code.

But NIKO AutoML platform gives you the freedom to bring  your data to life. NIKO  typically automates data preparation and uses automated processes to identify appropriate algorithms. NIKO will not require the skills and knowledge of the data scientist.

This benefits users in a variety of fields such as:

  • Financial Services – Traditional financial companies and newer fintech use AutoML technologies to overcome challenges in their industry such as AML, transaction fraud, credit risk lending failures.
  • Government – Government agencies are turning to AI and AutoML to optimize their large data stores to improve fraud, waste and abuse, predictive maintenance across agencies and communities, supply chain and logistics, internal and external cyber security, and human resources.
  • Health – AutoML provides private and public healthcare professionals optimized data and best practices for hospital operations, clinical application, life sciences , precision medicine, supply chain and transportation, marketing, human resources, and finance.
  • Insurance – The Insurance industry is using AutoML to fill knowledge gaps and optimize claims management, precision pricing, automated underwriting, customer churn, and fraud prevention.
  • Manufacturing – Leading manufacturers use AI and machine learning to reduce costs and streamline operations through demand forecasting, predicting stock levels, predictive machine maintenance, returns forecasting, and fault detection within their supply chains.
  • Marketing – Marketing agencies and organizations use AutoML to produce market predictions, optimal ad placement, investment opportunities, create targeted lead generation, upsell and cross-sell promotions, implement funnel predictions, and create customer segmentation and recommendations.
  • Telecommunications – The telecommunications industry heavily uses AutoML for predictive customer support, fleet management, fraud detection, customer retention, and optimized marketing to ensure an ever-improving customer experience.

Building tech is slow and expensive. NIKO is the most efficient no-code platform for creating your own machine learning models without writing a single line of code.

Do you have any inquiries about using NIKO?

 Automated machine learning (AutoML) is the process of applying machine learning (ML) models to real-world problems using automation. 

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  1. Can it be used in construction estimating software