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How would you learn more about AI: Highly recommended learning sources by our data scientists of NIKO AutoML platform for non-tech individuals

Are you interested in expanding your knowledge of AI? Perhaps you’re seeking AI solutions to integrate into your business operations, but you’re unsure about the available knowledge sources that would suit your needs. Look no further, as we have the perfect learning sources to help you get started with AI and prepare your business for a more data-driven approach. These sources are designed for individuals without prior knowledge or exposure to AI or data engineering, allowing you to enjoy the learning experience without any pressure while unlocking the true potential of AI while providing you with a comprehensive understanding of data strategy, real-life use cases, and practical knowledge. 

So let’s begin:

1. “AI For Everyone” by

If you’re interested in understanding the current buzz surrounding AI and establishing a strong groundwork for utilizing AI effectively, then this course is tailored for you. AI For Everyone, taught by renowned AI expert Andrew Ng, is designed for those interested in understanding and effectively utilizing AI. It covers key AI concepts like machine learning and deep learning, with real-world examples across industries. Ethical considerations related to AI are also discussed.  The course aims to demystify AI by explaining common terminologies and providing a comprehensive understanding of AI systems. Its objective is to help participants discern AI’s capabilities and limitations, enabling them to identify opportunities for its effective application in their businesses. Ultimately, it empowers business owners to optimize processes and discover innovative solutions with AI.

2. “The Data Strategy Course: Building a data-driven business”

Looking to transition your business into a “data-driven” approach but unsure about where to start? This course is specifically designed to meet your needs.

It is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to develop and implement an effective data strategy for businesses. It helps business owners identify decisions that can benefit from data-driven insights, allowing businesses to prioritize efforts and align data analysis with goals. Understanding areas where data can enhance processes enables streamlined operations and a competitive edge. The course also addresses how to monetize your business data to external parties.. Recognizing its worth allows businesses to explore data monetization opportunities, diversify revenue streams, and tap into new markets.

The Data Strategy Course emphasizes data quality, governance, and management practices to optimize AI implementations.

3.Data Centric AI

Aside from the courses, there are insightful platforms that provide you with the latest updates and developments about AI and data science. One such platform is Data-centric AI provides you a comprehensive understanding about the importance of data quality when integrating AI into your business. Sector experts share their knowledge and discuss interesting topics about related subjects. If you don’t want to commit to a full course, this platform is the perfect one for you to get various information on different AI applications. So, these are the sources that we think will equip you with the necessary information regarding data structure and AI’s capabilities. After gaining a solid understanding of Enterprise AI and data-driven business transformation,If you’re ready to delve into machine learning for your business, take a look at the NIKO AutoML Platform.

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