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Niko AutoML platform

No-code machine learning(ML) model building platform.

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Empower your business with
data-driven decisions


Use non-traditional data sources in the credit scoring to offer loans for thin-file customers

Loan Default

Assess your borrowers’ creditworthiness to predict loan repayment and default rates.


Focus on borrowers with higher repayment rate to make an impact on your collection.

Dynamic Loan Amount Calculation

Predict willingness to pay and offer tailored loan amount to the customer

How It Works

Predict the future in 3 simple steps

Upload data

Drag & drop your historical

Build your model

Build a tailor-made ML

See the future

Deploy your model & generate predictions

Core Benefits

The complex made simple

No-Code Platform

No need to have expertise in data science to build your own scoring models using ML.

Explainable AI

Interpret and validate how the AI arrived at its conclusions through our carefully designed reports.

Control Your Cutoff Rate

With full control at your fingertips, you can manage your credit risk in real-time.

Instant Deploy

Instantly build and deploy your model and start making predictions.

About us

Our story

We started as a bunch of geeks trying to revolutionize Mongolian lending landscape in 2016.

Now we are on a journey to accelerate financial inclusion across the world by helping our bank and fintech partners. For this purpose, we created easy to use, fast go-to-market scoring solution, built on our battle-tested technology.

Enjoy your coffee, while we do the model building!

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